Top 5 Best Cloud Backup Services

Greetings! My name is Alexander and I created Cloud Backup Reviews as a free resource that provides an honest prespective on the worst and best cloud backup services available on the market today. Since creating this website in 2010, it has always been my goal to provide honest, unbiased reviews of both paid and free cloud backup services.

Based on my experience with virtually every cloud backup service, I have created the following top 5 chart that illustrates the best cloud backup services (in my opinion). I do my best to keep this website as up to date and relevant as possible.

Last Updated: January 16, 2017
Rank Company Price Storage Money Back Performance Score Review
(Limited Time)
Unlimited Anytime 98% read
2 $4.95 Unlimited Anytime 95% read
3 $7.95 2TB 14 Days 93% read
4 $4.95 Unlimited Anytime 89% read
5 $9.95 60GB None 88% read


A Closer Look At The Best Cloud Backup Services

Zip Cloud Backup Reviews

Zip Cloud’s cloud backup service enable you to sync files across all of your desktop and mobile devices to an online data store. Using Zip Cloud’s online browser portal, you can log into your data cloud and view your uploads in a hierarchical folder format.

Zip cloud enables you to backup your files to the cloud, or you can sync files between multiple computers and mobile devices. Zip Cloud’s cloud backups can be performed incrementally, so that only new or modified files are uploaded to your cloud space. The easy to use software enables you to specify files/folders you’d like to add to your cloud with ease.

Zip Cloud offers an expandable base plan and a free trial account. The base account includes unlimited storage space and bandwidth, and the ability to compare the version of files and ensure that only newer versions of files are uploaded.

Zip Cloud’s affordable plans and unrestrained bandwidth make it the perfect cloud backup service for both new and power users alike.