Elephant Drive Backup Review

There is no worse experience than going to open a folder and discovering that you had inadvertently deleted it. With an online backup service, you can immediately regain your ‘lost’ file. Many companies are on the web today that offer this service and choosing between them can be difficult. With ElephantDrive, users can have a reasonably good product that is at least average-and in some cases well above average-in terms of security, interface design and features. ElephantDrive lets users upload all of their most important documents, videos and photos. If the computer is stolen or the hard drive crashes, you are still protected. Ever heard of the phrase, “An elephant never forgets”? With ElephantDrive, users have a company that will never lose-or forget-their files.


ElephantDrive actually offers one of the better security protection services on the web. The company uses 256-bit AES encryption that is also used by the military. Everything is recorded in two different places so that if disaster strikes, users still have their data. To back up this extra protection is a giant storage facility. ElephantDrive uses the same facility as Amazon.com to back up their files so users will never have to worry about running out of room.

Starting the Program

Installing ElephantDrive is simple and efficient. Once it has been installed successfully, it will do a complete backup of all of your files. This can take a significantly long time—sometimes more than a day. Afterward, you can choose which files to manage or monitor. Every file on the computer is considered a job. This includes any kind of word document, photo, video or music file. Each of these jobs can be selected and edited. By having these very specific options, Elephant Drive makes everything more customizable so that each user can have a unique experience.

Getting to Your Files

Once everything has been backed up, you can reach your files using the website or through Elephant Desktop. However, the website may be a better place to go because of numerous problems with the desktop program. The non-intuitive set up makes it difficult for users to find the actions they want to do. Search results on the program will often display multiple items and often time to search results disappear after a few seconds. For best results, I suggest using the online website as it is much better designed and has virtually no issues.


Thankfully, ElephantDrive does offer file sharing. Users can select photos or videos within the backup system and send their friends a link to it. If there are a wealth of files (ie – think vacation photos) users can set up a temporary password so that a friend can have limited to access to all of the photos. To make the ElephantDrive features even better, they carefully crafted it so you can look at past versions of the file. For 30 days after each document was modified, each former copy and alteration will be kept. If you need to rework an essay or deleted an item on accident, you can easily go back in time to find it as long as you had previously activated this feature.

Cost of Using Elephant Drive

The Personal Edition of ElephantDrive only sets costs $9.95 a month. Instead of paying everything month to month, users can choose to purchase it in yearlong chunks of time. With this option, ElephantDrive will give users two months free for every year they purchase. Overtime, this savings will average out so the service only costs $8.29 a month. The only negative for this edition is that it only allows for 100 GB and three devices.

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