IBackup Cloud Backup Review

IBackup gives its users a range of different pricing plans to choose from. On average, it cost slightly more than other services on the market. Home usage may not justify the price, but small business and commercial enterprises are well-suited for the product and price. With a 15-day free trial, users can try out the service without having to worry about if its quality is as high as its cost.


Just about every backup service requires some kind of program to be running in the background for continuous updating to be performed. IBackup is just the same. The simple, user friendly program runs in the background while users are otherwise occupied. One negative of the setup and installation process is the immense number of options and settings. For the beginning user, the immense customization options can be daunting. Overtime, they should be able to figure it out. The technologically savvy should be able to conquer the settings with ease.

Setting Up IBackup

Users must setup a user account and download the IBackup software. After the download is complete, users can begin backing up their files. Different files can be selected and added to the group. If no files are chosen, the software will automatically select some of the most common folders. While everything is getting uploaded, users should select how often backup or restore jobs should take place. If no time is chosen, the program automatically revers to an after-hours schedule so that it does not interfere with the average person’s work hours.

The entire backup process should be extremely fast. Unlike the majority of programs on the market, IBackup takes only minutes and hours to backup files—not days. For 3GB of data, other online backup services take as much as 24 hours. If the backup involves a larger amount of data (over 100GB) users can receive an external hard drive or Snapserver from IBackup. Afterward, just return it to the company and they will immediately update it online. If users do not want to use the hard drive option, they can also just e-mail their files as an attachment to their account.

IBackup Performance

Users of IBackup can customize their bandwidth using the bandwidth throttle feature. Once the bandwidth is set loser, other computer programs can run faster while your upload takes place. No matter what, the upload will be completed in faster time than other services. The IBackup website says that IBackup transfers days at a minimum of 30% better speeds.


Users are protected from several different fronts. During file transmission, files are kept secure using a 128-bit. Afterward, they are protected using 356-bit encryption while they are at the server. Although each account has sharing options, users can customize it with various security settings. Each user also has a password that protects their data.

Physically, the data servers are exceptionally well protected. Placed at many locations around the world, the data centers are placed so that even if there were many natural disasters at least one data center would survive.

Remote Access Options

Users can access IBackup with more than just their PC. With their web manager program, IBackup is easily accessible wherever there is an Internet connection or web-enabled device. With their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch applications, IBackup is easily reached wherever you are. This recent app was launched in February 2011 and helps users to share or backup photos and images.

Restoring Data

If the worst happens and you have lost your original file, IBackup can help you to locate and find it. Users can choose to schedule a restore job. Additionally, users could go to the IBackup application manager and select the files they want before clicking “Restore”. These files could also just be easily dragged from the IBackup window over to the window that says “My Files”.

IBackup has a very convenient Snapshot feature for users who are always on the go. It takes a copy of all of your data at a specific point in time. This occurs at least once a day and can help users to recover lost or deleted folders.


In general, the IBackup service is easy to use and an effective method for saving data. The higher cost and slightly confusing interface can turn away many users, but the cost does come with a faster program. For someone who needs more data storage options or who runs a business, IBackup is one of the best options out there.

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