Just Cloud Online Backup Review

Have you been searching for an online backup solution? With Just Cloud, you may have just found the solution you were looking for. This program relies on a very easy-to-use application that can be installed onto your desktop. Without requiring much effort, Just Cloud will manage all of your backups as well as perform scheduled backups. Users can go into the program to change power and CPU settings so it does not use more of the computer’s resources than you want it to. Available for download directly from their website, this program is extremely efficient and effective to use to backup all of your files to the cloud.

Top Features

Just Cloud is designed with scheduled and automatic backup options as well as sharing options. It provides users with a high level of security and file encryption while also providing unlimited backup storage. The 265 bit encryption and secured file transfer is the same one your bank uses. With Just Cloud, users get a completely customizable experience and can operate multiple computers from the same account.

Sharing Options and Mobile Applications

In addition to numerous sharing options, Just Cloud has mobile applications that Android, Blackberry and iOS users can take advantage of.

Customer Service at Any Hour

With 24/7 customer support, the company is better than many other online backup programs on the market. Their technical team responds to any inqueries within hours (though normally it only takes minutes). Just Cloud has made a commitment to the quality of their customer service. As a part of this commitment, they will refund any customer, anytime the months left on their account if they choose to leave. If they choose to stay, customers can get a one year free subscription for every two users they bring in.

For Users of All Levels

The intuitive interface of Just Backup makes it easy to learn. After the simple and quick installation, you will be on your way to a complete and automated cloud backup. Once the backup is started, users can also choose to have multiple versions of a file saved. Need to keep track of your rough drafts? This feature is made just for you. You can save multiple versions of your term paper or photo shopped pictures so you can see the original at a later date. For other files, just drag and drop the file onto the web application.

Costs and Pricing

The cost of this program is generally based off of how many months a user is willing to pay for upfront. If a user just wants to pay for one month, it will set them back $9.95. At six months, it will cost $6.94 per month. Users who want to pay upfront for longer periods of time will get a deeper discount—one year for $5.99 a month and two years for $4.95 a month. Just Cloud has one of the best prices of any product currently on the market today. For the quality of the online backup program, Just Cloud has a beyond exceptional value. The only one who is close to comparable is Carbonite—and Just Cloud still has more features to offer for the price.

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