Live Drive Cloud Backup Review

Perfect for small business or personal use, Livedrive is fast to install and functions very well. It offers desirable features like bandwidth throttling and customization options. Available for PCs and Macs, LivedDrive allows you to enjoy 24/7/365 online file access, an online music player and automatic system updates.

Backing Up Your Files

Upon completing the quick installation process, the Live Drive software will automatically backup everything that you do on your PC without any interaction on your part. Backups can be managed by clicking on the “Manage Backups” icon. If you need to select specific folders, this button will make it easier. Unlike other products on the market, the Uploads screen will actually show the status and progress of each file that is being uploaded, which is kind of neat!

Live Drive allows you to change the upload/download bandwidth which is also a nice feature to have. The only downside is Livedrive has issues with files locking. To overcome this, the Live Drive software will performs scheduled backups every 1 to 48 hours.

Viewing and Restoring Your Files

Using the Livedrive website, software or mobile app, you can easily browse and view your files. With the Livedrive software, the files can only be opened using the status bar.

Files can be restored anytime from the Live Drive website or through the software. Although both options are available, the loading speeds are much faster on the software. From the software program, click “Restore from backup” and find your file. Once you locate the correct file, just click on “Restore file”.

The settings section of Live Drive can be turned to increase the bandwidth speed, change users or select different versions of files to load. Additionally, you can can backup your files to an external hard drive. In total, Live Drive offers three different backup locations: a computer, the Livedrive server and an external hard drive.

Customer Support

Live Drive offers e-mail customer support. Even more, Live Drive provides a telephone customer service line that will answer your questions over the phone.


With unlimited storage and multiple sharing options, Livedrive is a great option for consumers who a flexible online cloud backup service. With bandwidth throttle and SSL encryption, you can rest assured your data is safe and secure on the cloud. For consumers who want unlimited storage, Live Drive offers an affordable solution.

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