Mozy Cloud Backup Review

If ever there was an anthem for performing computer backups, it would have to be the renowned “Murphy’s Law”. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. While technology continues to grow and improve by leaps and bounds every day, it only takes a slight snafu to make you realize how precarious our dependence on technology truly is. People store precious pictures, financial data, and many other types of vital information in digital form on their personal computer. It is obvious that computers are not immune to breakdowns. However, most people float through life procrastinating when it comes to implementing a disaster recovery plan that is essentially a life insurance policy for digital data.

That procrastination is so unnecessary when you consider the options available to us for computer data backups. I have heard many people bragging about their external hard drive and how all their vital information is safely stored there. While an external hard drive is definitely an option for data backups and is certainly better than the alternative of sticking your head in the sand, there is a better more accessible option that appeals to many people. This option is online data storage.

There are many benefits to online cloud data storage. While USB drives and external hard drives do have their place in the world of digital data storage, online data storage has quickly become mainstream in the same world. Online data storage allows someone to store their important data, pictures, documents, and many other items online and off-site. This allows access to the data remotely from any location in the world by anyone given the proper credentials to access to the data stored. No longer is there a worry of hardware failure or a theft of equipment as a single point of failure. Remote online data storage provides a safety net that is very close to fail-proof.

The Mozy Online Backup Service provides a powerful combination of data access, data security, and numerous robust features at very affordable prices. Whether you are in need of a backup service for your personal data or a business searching for a secure manner to safeguard your vital information that keeps your business humming, Mozy can provide a solution for any and all of your needs.

With MozyHome you can safely backup personal data, pictures, and various other types of information. Mozyhome is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP (32 & 64 bit), and Mac OS X 10.7, 10.6, 10.5, & 10.4. Store your precious data remotely. If you experience a data loss of some kind, you can easily access your data backup and have your data restored in short order. The true beauty of Mozy might just be its feature known as Mozy Stash. Stash, a file synchronization feature, allows users to keep vital data up-to-date across multiple computers that are used on a regular basis. Mozy Stash utilized in conjunction with the Mozy Backup feature provides an all-encompassing safety barrier around all your important data and files and multiple computers simultaneously. Whenever a file is copied to a local Stash folder, it is immediately available to all computers online in your network, even before the next scheduled backup is performed.

With MozyPro, Fortune 500 Companies down to small businesses can protect all types of business information and assets. Everyone knows that data loss happens. From computer crashes, spilled drinks, to the accidental deletion of files, the future success of any company can be put in jeopardy in the blink of an eye. It has been stated that over 90% of all companies that suffer significant data loss are likely to go out of business in less than 5 years! That’s an astonishing statistic. By simply implementing MozyPro,
systems with multi-user environments can be managed with ease. Automatic backups can be scheduled and performed with no worries. IT departments can spend their valuable time ensuring the integrity of the backups from a central web-based console. With Mozy’s security plans and top-notch data encryption, you can rely on Mozy to keep your business computers and servers running smoothly, safely, and securely.

Everyone can recognize the many benefits from Mozy Backup Services. Their years of expertise in data backup and recovery will help you to find the security you need when it comes to your important data. You can ensure that your personal home network or business can quickly get up and running after any data disaster.

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