My PC Backup Review

As one of the newcomers on the market, My PC Backup is just starting to gain notoriety in the cloud backup space. Compared to other newer online cloud backup services, My PC Online Backup is much better thought out and has a very affordable price. For just $5 a month, you can back up your computers without having any limit on sizes. The upload speed is extremely fast and secure.

Using My PC Backup

To get started, you simply need to run the My PC Backup quick installation download. At the time of this writing, the installer only supports Windows platforms, but they may broaden their market by adding Macintosh and Linux versions at a later date. The installation download is free. Once you have installed the program, My PC allows you to completely customize your uploads and backups.

If you are not sure if this is the program for you, you have 14 days before a credit card or payment is needed. During the 14 day free trial, you can store up to 1 GB on the cloud. After the trial period ends, the price ranges from about $5 to $10 per month.

Restoring and Protecting Your Data

After the installation is complete, just use the program to back up any data that you want. The process is very intuitive and easy to understand.At any time in the future, you can restore your data by accessing the My PC Backup website and choosing the files you want to restore.

Top Features

My PC Backup allows you to easily drag and drop files into different folders which makes managing files much simpler. It can also be managed using the configurable scheduler. My PC Backup allows you to choose between instant data backup or power saver backups. Another neat feature is you can share files securely with your friends. A special, secure URL can be created you can pass out to those you wish to have access to your files.

Mobile Apps

If you want to access your data on an Android or iPhone, My PC Backup has made it so users can use their mobile optimized website. In the future, look for a special iPhone app that will make it easier. In the meantime, users can enjoy unlimited data backups from any computer without any added restrictions.

Customer Support

In addition to tutorials, the website has video tutorials and live chat. Unlike other bargain priced backup services, users can call customer support for help. Many other companies only have e-mail support which makes My PC a much more user friendly platform. With unlimited backups and a reasonable price, My PC Backup stands out of the crowd.

Overall Impression of My PC Backup

Started in 2010 by Daniel Richards, this UK based company is starting to make waves in the United States. With a team of around 20 employees, they have been able to create a cloud backup that competes with the best in the industry. The overall experience with My PC Backup is efficient and even enjoyable at times. My PC Back up is no frill, no restrictions or fine print product. It is just easy to use and offers unlimited cloud storage.

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