SOS Online Backup Review

Featuring cloud and physical storage backup options, SOS Online Backup is one of the top cloud computing services on the market today. It offers storage for unlimited numbers of PCs, unlimited backups and file versioning. Additionally, it comes with three-tier data encryption. Although it has slower uploads, it has several perks that set it apart from its rivals in the industry.

Start Your Backup

The first step in using SOS Online Backup is to sign up. Users should backup their methods because it ensures that all of your files, music and photos can be accessed if your computer’s hard drive goes south. The software offers an extremely flexible program that allows an unlimited number of computers and different backup mechanisms. Users can choose to mail larger files to SOS to avoid the slow uploading process. As one of the premier backup programs online today, SOS Online Backup gives its users file versioning and additional tools to manage their folders.

The Costs

With all of the extra technology comes a higher price. SOS Online Backup has three different storage capacities for online users. At the lower end is the 2GB option which typically costs $19.95 a year. If more storage space is needed, users can select 5 GB ($29.95) or 15GB ($49.95). Although this is a higher price than your typical program, it gives consumers the ability to retrieve documents and folders from any computer. Business accounts are formatted to have a broader range of prices and storage capacities. With a business account, users can expect to pay at least 45 cents a month for every 500 MB of space used. At the top of this scale, business accounts can spend $360 a month to back up as much as 200Gb of files.

Installation Process

User reviews show that this product is exceptionally easy to install. Just create a username and password and the download a 20MB installation file. Once the software is done installing, you can choose whether to have an UltraSafe login. If you select this option, no one—including SOS Online Backup—will have access to your password. Be careful though, because if you lose the password you will no longer be able to access your files.

The three-tier security system is exceptionally useful to ensure the safety of your files. Each folder is encrypted three times: once as it is on your PC, once as it travels through the web and again once it arrives at SOS Online Backup.

The easy to use buttons on the program make it simple to choose a task. Users can select to Restore Online or Restore Locally. Likewise, they can choose to the icons: Backup Online or Backup Locally. For advanced options, SOS Backup Online has created a drop-down box that has more options. The only negative about the backup process was its speed—uploading the files can take forever. Since the uploading process does not have progress meter, it can make the uploading time seem much longer than it actually is.

As you wait for the backup to be completed, set the files to LiveProtect. Just by right-clicking on a file, users can choose to have files updated immediately as changes are made. Rather than waiting for a scheduled time, the program does it instantly. What this translates to is a lot less worry for the consumer—if you made changes and forgot to update it, the program will do it for you. If computer breaks, you do not have to fuss with remembering the changes you last made.

Shipped Backups

Instead of backing up your folders online, you can ship some kind of external storage device or DVD to SOS and have them back it up for you. For larger files, this is a better option. Copying folders to a DVD generally takes far less time than uploading it to the SOS Backup Online website.

Share Online

After everything is online, users can easily access their files via any device. In the Online Recovery/Recover section of the page, click on ’Share’ and select the files you want to send. Compared to other programs, the process of sharing folders is a bit less intuitive. It is still much faster than e-mailing large files and is a great way to show your friends your latest photos and videos.

Overall, this program is by far one of the best on the market. SOS Online Backup has multilevel security and allows users to back up multiple computers with the same subscription.

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