Zip Cloud Online Backup Review

With a program that can be used with any computer, Zip Cloud online storage is the ideal way for individuals to back up their computer files. The company is a relatively new one on the market and bases its expertise off of the 10 professionals who work in the office. Their combined experienced has earned it a strong reputation in the world of online storage. According to online surveys, this company has now been ranked #3 out of the top ten companies.

What Zip Cloud Backup Offers

Unlike some of the other programs, Zip Cloud has an extremely quick installation time. Extremely simple, it incorporates its intuitive method with a number of highly desirable features. One of these features is its multiple devices synchronization service. As the program works in the background of your PC, it immediately uploads any new files that the user chooses. Once a user gets on another device, they can instantly access these files. To become more accessible, Zip Cloud added a feature that lets mobile devices access the files. Users can open up their photos and videos from any laptop, smart phone, tablet or computer.

Being able to upload a backup version of your files would be pointless if it was not properly protected. The file protection feature enables users to have continuous, 24 hour protection of their important documents.
Everything is completely encrypted from the files to the data center so Zip Cloud users do not have to worry about the possibility of a hacker getting into their documents. Everything is kept safe by 256-bit encryption—the same encryption level your online bank probably uses. If the user does choose to share the file, they can quickly and conveniently do so.

Top Features

Some of Zip Cloud’s competitors on the marketplace charge for each GB of data. Zip Cloud chose not to go this route and instead provides users with unlimited cloud storage. If a user wants to back up their entire system, they can.

The process is completely automated so users do not have to remember when to synchronize their device. Automatic synchronization means the user can relax and know that everything will automatically be done without them lifting a finger. If they do want a scheduled synchronization, they can always arrange one as well.

Customer Support

One of the greatest benefits of using Zip Cloud is being able to take advantage of its customer support team. Users have 24/7 access to technical support just by e-mailing the company. In addition, the company has made it their goal that every customer is satisfied. If you do want the service any loner, you get your money back at any time. The best time to decide this is within the first two weeks. During this time, a user has a 14 day free trial to get used to the services and interface. If they do not want to continue using it, Zip Cloud’s customer service team will not charge them and the account will be closed.

Compared to Other Companies

When Zip Cloud is compared to other leading businesses in the marketplace, it does extremely well. It offers some of the best customer support programs and comes with an extremely reasonable cost. Since it offers the 14 day free trial, customers can check it out before they make the purchase.

Although Zip Cloud has 24/7 customer support via e-mail, it does not come with any kind of telephone support team. If customers need additional assistance, there is no video tutorial published that can help them. Users of Linux Operating Systems may also be out of luck—Zip Cloud has no support for any of these systems.

Zip Cloud’s Prices

Compared to other companies on the market, Zip Cloud has an extremely simple pricing scheme. After the 14 day free trial, users just have to pay $4.95 a month for unlimited storage. It does not matter the size of the folders or how long a customer plans on using the service: everyone pays just $4.95. This pricing scheme is especially attractive to people who larger storage space or who only need want to pay for one month at a time. Best of all, the convenience comes at no added cost. Zip Cloud’s cost is extremely favorable when viewed in light of similar online backup programs.

Zip Cloud may be a new player on the marketplace, but their winning strategy is paying off. Easy to use and cost effective, this will be one online backup company to watch out for in the coming years.

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